About Us

Who is Al Martin?

The following video is Al's own testimony.  This book contains many tributes as well.

What is this site all about?

This site is intended to provide quality, Bible-based instruction to as many people as are interested at no cost. Most of the courses here are based on sermons and addresses that pastor Martin gave throughout his ministry.  See this video for pastor Martin's introduction to this site:

What is different about the instruction contained on this site?

First, every lesson, every truth, every doctrine is taught straight from the Scriptures. Pastor Martin has been doing this nearly his entire adult life.  He has a long history of teaching truth from the Bible and showing where the Scriptures set forth what he is teaching.

Second, the instruction here is linked to a series of quizzes which help you do two things:

First, the quizzes help you understand the terms and concepts which pastor Martin sets forth. They force you to slow down and really comprehend what he is saying.

Second, the quizzes help us assess whether you have grasped the material being presented. 

Finally, the instruction here is unique in that the teaching is not given in a lecture format. These are not classroom lectures delivered in an academic setting. The instruction you receive here are actual messages and sermons delivered by pastor Martin to real people, in a real church, with life situations similar to your own. The result of this is that not only will you learn a great deal about what the Bible teaches, but you will also learn how to present these doctrines to both believers and unbelievers as pastor Martin models how to do this in each message.;


How can I know when new courses are made available?

Check the News section on our front page or watch our Facebook page.


How much does each course cost?

Everything on this site is as free as the air you breathe.


Do I need to register?

To view the materials of any course, you do not need to register.  If you wish to take a quiz, then you will need to register and enroll in the course so we can track your grades.


What's the best way to get in touch?

See the News section on the front page or checkout our Facebook page.  There are also forums in each class which you can use to contact us.

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